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Why is Self-Care Important?

Self-care might sound like being “selfish”, well, what’s wrong at being selfish for self growth!

Definition of Self-care:

Self-care is a simple and easy task, which involves taking care of one’s own health.

Why self-care?

I know you must be having a question, “ Is it important to take up self-care as a daily routine?” Is it important to invest time in self-care rather than participating in the competitive world?

Your question, My answer:

To face the competitive world, you need to be healthy & stress-free which can be possible only by one mantra, “self-care”.

Now, if I question you, “ Do you love yourself? “

You’ll answer with a ‘yes’, without even knowing what actually loving oneself means. So, let’s move on towards loving oneself.


  • Be a self-love freak :

Self-love is the building blocks of self-care. Living in a world where anxiety, stress, tension and pessimism prevails around every individual at many points of the life, don’t you think serious steps must be taken for one’s extra care ! I think so, you must also. “Health is wealth”, and hence, give your health a priority. Consider yourself the “most

Important” aspect. Love yourself the way you dream your soul mate would love you !

Imagine you’ve planted a plant. What you do after the plantation. Obviously, you’ll take much care of the same. You’ll water the plant, look after it, cut off the dead and dry leaves etc. Why would you do these many things for a sapling. Cause, you love to take extra care of the things that matter to you. Is it not the correct time to realize that you matter the most to yourself. Afterall, self-love is the roots of self-care. Self-care seems a waste of time for many. Self-care is one step at a time. Love yourself and you’ll automatically see your self-belief, self-esteem and self-care rising high.

Well, let’s learn to manage stress and be happy.


  • Eliminate stress :

After a long and hectic day, nothing is more magical than choosing my favourite corner with my favorite partner ‘book’. This is my kinda stress elimination formula. It helps me to be alone, focus more & unwind stress levels. For you, it might be a body massage, hot water bath, manicure, pedicure, cooking, baking, singing, dancing, or even workout. Choose any of these and mind it these little things are most important because they secretly helps an individual in the healing process of a mental or physical wound. Stress if not managed might lead to serious heart problems, diabetes, hallucinations or mental traumas like depression. It’s better to take healthy steps now rather than cry later.


  • Prevention is better than Cure :

Why not work on preventing problems that might rise due to lack of self-care than treating them when these problems turn to be disasters! Self-care is a secret tonic for your mind , body and soul. It drops stress levels, thus, enhancing the level of dopamine. I’m sure you’d love your brain when it’s super heatly and releasing a tone of dopamine. Here, you can “smile”, cause we’re half way to reach our destination, i.e. self-care.


  • Say “NO” :

It’s human nature that we often search for happiness via other’s point of view. And while following such baseless trend, we hamper self-care. For example: If your friend asks you to go for a party and you’re not in a mood to go out, yet, your friends insist upon and the very next moment you agree. Because you think that if I don’t accept his/her offer , the other person would feel hurt. But, what about yourself being hurt. I mean you didn’t listen to your own self and burdened your mind with other’s decisions. Moreover, you’d have replaced the boring & unwilling party with something enriching; say meditation. The situation could be according to you if you would have said just a single word, “NO”.

So, saying NO to a thing, you can say YES to the various things which you really want and need for your self. After all, self-care begins with self-favoured decisions.

With this we’re at the last but not the least point about self-care and that’s “ You” !


  • YOU are important :

Nevertheless, you love your family, siblings, spouse, children, friends ,but, there’s only one person that’s gonna be your permanent partner. And that person is You! You are your own permanent companion. Make yourself a bit more happy, a bit more healthy, and yes, a bit more sexy. Come on, you can, I did, so will you. Care for yourself before you care for others. Self-care is gonna nourish your entire life with love and enthusiasm. In fact, self-care is something that every individual should put up in their daily routine . Care for yourself and live the healthiest, happiest and  perfect life possible.


Bonus tips :

  • Stay a bit away from social-networking sites.
  • Go to sleep 15-20 minutes earlier than usual time.
  • Bake a whole wheat flour (aata) cake instead of ordering a pizza.
  • Build a home library.
  • Practice meditation
  • Laugh more(you may visit ‘Slayy Point’ on youtube) .
  • Solve puzzles.
  • Be around nature.

Author:- Komal Kumari from team

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