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What was positive about 2020 ?

” It is the most delightful reflection that if I come to do the Throne of God in prayer, I may feel a thousand defects ,but yet there is hope I usually feel more dissatisfied with my prayers then with anything else I do. ” By Charles Spurgeon.

International wars, crimes, sexual harassments,natural calamities and all of the above the Covid-19 pandemic. It would be accepted if we say that 2020 has been testing us. It is said that “Life consists of two sides.. Light and dark; joy and sorrow. “Same applies with the year 2020.


It would be unfair if we do overlook the positive impacts of 2020. Some people used this quarantine period in strengthening the bonds with their  families while some polished their soft skills and many other things. 


Now it’s the time to reflect through the happenings of 2020.Let’s view 2020 from a positive view. Here are some good things  enlisted below that happened this year:-

  1. Nature got re-birth when humans were under lockdown.

After the imposition of lockdown on 22nd March, we humans were compelled to be at our homes. This created a small window for the environment to breathe. After decades the Himalayas were visible.

Lockdown had reduced the water, air pollution to a large extent ( even if temporarily). According to the report in March more than 90 cities including Delhi were urged by the environmentalists to be treated as a “wake-up call” and stop it’s “obsession” with “development” at the cost of the environment. The unique thing about the pandemic was that it is leading multiple cities to hibernation. Empty streets and skies led various birds and animals to roam freely. Our mother earth got her lost beauty i.e, the natural beauty. For further information click here.

       2. Unique restaurant recipes were shared by chefs.

Secret recipes were shared by restaurants so that they could be made at home. They adopted new steps to enforce social distancing including pool noodle hats, bumper boats and dapper mannequin guests.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh has created a youtube channel where they share new recipes. Click here for the latest dishes.

           3.2020 have a new person who was cured of HIV.

 A 40-year-old former Chef Adam Castillejo known as “the London patient” has been cured of an HIV infection. Professor Ravindra Kumar Gupta, University of Cambridge, UK says: ” We propose that these results represent the second ever case of a patient to be cured of HIV. Our findings show that the success of stem cell transplantation as a cure for HIV, first reported nine years ago in the Berlin patient, can be replicated.” They found that there was no active viral infection in the patient’s blood after 30 months and they stopped antiretroviral therapy. Detailed information is given in the journal of The Lancet.

         4. Cohesiveness

The pandemic had kept we people in isolation. Isolation challenged us for having desire in relationships and being in contact with other humans. We humans have also created a bond with animals. People in the entire world had been finding new ways to create connectedness. In Italy people came to their balconies to have fun with music and instrumental music. People realised the importance of an individual. This created cohesiveness among humans.

5. Advancement of medical technology.

         The pandemic has created an awareness. There is the discovery of virtual reality in healthcare. It provides an immersive experience for patients to virtually tour a health facility or to help patients cope with pain. It’s a great tool with unrivaled engagement.

Healthcare has created Chatbots. It offers a personal experience and is vital in terms of healthcare. It helps in emergency situations or with first aid.

6. Innovation

Due to lockdown many businesses had to redevise. Many businessmen started digital marketing and modernized their work. The one who lost their jobs used their creative ideas and started new start ups even if on a small scale. The innovative ideas of adults were appreciated by our PM. They made drones which were used in detecting coronavirus with thermal detection. To view the drone along with its working click here.

7. Created a feeling of gratitude.

2020 has created a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for the things around us, our freedom, friends, family and all of the warriors. The warriors who have been working for our survival with enthusiasm and determination have won humans hearts. We have learnt to thank the workers, doctors who had been in the front line in the crisis. This has also enriched our moral values .


8. Advancement in the education system.

          In 2020 the education system will become very digitalised. Students got an opportunity to afford learning . Many free training courses are available. Homeschooling for students has made parents know their wards in a better way.


Now we have some headlines which was a positive point in 2020

  • Highest voters turnout in 120 years in 2020.
  • We got to see many animal lovers.
  • A vegetable vendor from Mumbai Bhendi Bazaar opened his shop for the first time in four months and was forced to shut it because of the flood. If you want to know the incident click here.
  • Australia is now not on fire , they were put off and it’s forest is recovering now.
  • Dr Adarsh Singh an IAS officer initiated a River restoration program and has employed about 800 labourers.
  • A thane- based agri-tech startup, developed machines called the Subjee Cooler, and helped farmers earn 30% more at lockdown
  • Air India One- B777 had its first flight. It was inaugurated by the Indian president honourable Ram Nath Kovind.


With many ups and downs 2020 has come to end. It’s true that this year will be remembered as the most unpleasant year in history. But it would be unfair if we don’t look and note the positive side of it.

” Nothing is perfect—– that’s why pencils have erasers”.

Author:- Priyanka Raj from team

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