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What are the symptoms of your mental illness?


Before speaking a single word, I’d like to make you all aware of what actually mental illness is. Mental illness is a condition that impacts a person’s mood, feelings, emotions, thinking and behavior. Furthermore, mental illness can make a normal situation difficult for the one going through it. He or she might face hurdles in coping with work, relationships and other day to day activities.

It’s quite disappointing but the fact is that mental health disorders affect about 20% of adults and more than 80% of youth. We are human beings and as human beings we are all unique in one or the other way. We’ve been taught this many a times. But sometimes, this way of uniqueness may not be wonderful. Mental illness is one of such case where being different from others is a matter of seriousness. If something is ‘unique’ about you and at the same time ‘abnormal’, then I guess you’re at the right place!! You need to read the points mentioned below to have a ‘self-know’ whether you’re one with some mental illness and till date unaware of the same.

Being aware of your self if healthier than false assumptions. Following are the 10 signs that you might need to seek professional help! (Note: Don’t be shy to seek professional help for mental illness. It’s just like another treatment of a common illness. Ex:- Fever)

1.  You feel sad, hopeless and down most of the time:

If you feel sad and down frequently, then it’s a red flag for the mental illness termed as ‘ Depression’.
It’s normal to feel low, blue or hopeless for some particular occasion or for a short period of time. But, if it lasts for a longer duration, I’m afraid; you’re going through a phase of depression.
Some of the common signs of depression are –
• sleep disorders
• poor concentration
• negative energy
• worthlessness

You might be ignoring these disorders but if left untreated, depression can be the cause of vast and intolerable problems in your life.
Depression can be a hurdle to your martial relationships, your career and even your physical health. It can even trigger suicidal thoughts and acts. So, try to talk to your health mentor about depression as soon as possible!

2:  You’re seriously in the clutches of suicidal thoughts:

There is a possibility that you thought of something where you were dead or where you thought you should just end your existence. It’s not a serious threat until its ‘sometimes’. But, if the case is such that you’re not able to dismiss such thoughts, or, you’re thinking about suicide frequently and seriously, or, if you have developed a fairly specific plan to kill yourself, then you seriously need to seek help, Now!
The condition might be that you don’t really want to die and don’t mean to die, yet your thoughts are inclined towards suicide. In this case also you need help because suicidal actions can have tragic consequences in your life sooner or later!

3:  You’ve unusual and troubled relationships with food and eating:

Here I’m talking about eating disorders. A simple example of the same is : You are angry and out of anger you start eating food aggressively. This eating disorder is medically known as Bulimia, anorexia nervosa and binge eating.
Such types of disorders can have serious impact on health (both psychologically and physically). Some of the common symptoms of the same are :
• Consumption of less food
• Over consumption of food in extreme causes
• Depression
• Lack of self-image and self-confidence

4:  You’ve rapid or very obvious mood swings:

A healthy mental state counts in a stable mood. Significantly mood swings and mood fluctuations more often is an indication towards disturbed mental health. Mood swings give birth to Bipolar Disorder or Borderline personality disorders.
It might be you’re facing the mood swings. Reasons can vary from consumption of drugs and alcohol.
To add on, if you’re suffering from this mental illness you develop the problem of communicating normally in the society. You also tend to be a hater of social gathering. Mood swings must be taken seriously and you must turn your thoughts towards seeking medical treatment at the earliest.

5:  You’re a short fuse:

  1. Another one of the signs you might need mental health counselling is having a short temper; which means to get angry easily and very fast over any thing and everything.
    Irritability, hostility, rage and sudden anger outbursts are often red flags of a mental illness. Unresolved anger not only drains your emotional and physical energy, but it also has a very negative effect on your day to day work and relationships.
    Severe anger tends to develop certain serious symptoms such as
    • increased blood pressure
    • headaches
    • sinus
    • fatigue
    • stress
    Teenagers are more prone to develop this mental defect. You might be one of them! Have a self-check. And if your answer is yes, then, go for counselling. You can even practice the habit of reading books and listening podcasts to decrease the rate of fury.
    I would suggest you to read some of the best self-help books. It’s here go and check out this link :- Self-Help Books that will change your life

6:  You’ve a difficult time in dealing and functioning in your day to day life :

This is the most specific sign that you need to pay attention to. It is : You lack basic coping skills in your daily life. I’m sure you all want to live your life without depending on someone else. I’m a self-dependent being and I enjoy it to the fullest! Likewise, you would also love to take your responsibility on your shoulders, but fail to do so. You must have noticed that you’re unable to function well in your life. You’re afraid to accept failures. You’re running away from your responsibilities. Well, that’s a serious red flag. Any observable conditions compared to the above within you warrants an evaluation. Just talk to your family members and get it shorted out now.
I’ll help you in this. Read this blog to know how to talk to your family members and friends about your mental condition. Herself the link:- HOW TO TALK TO YOUR FAMILY ABOUT YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS

7:  You can not get out of the past traumatic events:

Trauma (i.e. fear of an event that already happened with you) can turn your life upside down leading to a very serious toll on your psyche. Normally, your brain is being controlled by you, but, if the situation is reverse which means your brain controls you, then it’s a straight forward disorder. Unwanted images and memories are often triggered in your brain leaving you with awful sense. And gradually, you are unable to shake off the impact of past or recent traumatic events. You’re stuck and for you there’s no way to deal and heal.
Rinse your mind and think, if the conclusion is that you’ve or you’re experiencing any such trauma in your life (recent or past) and you’re unable to move on, cause the same trauma haunts you; you need help!
Trauma may include
• Nightmares
• Anxiety at severe level
• Painful emotions and
• Disturbing images
Such traumas can be quite challenging for an individual to deal with. And so , I want you to talk about them openly without any hesitation. Kindly take the help of mental health therapists . You can even help yourself to get rid of such traumas. You just need to practice self-care. I do practice it and request you all also to do the same.
Here’s the link on “ Why is self-care important? “ Know yourself!
Why is Self-Care Important?

8:  You’re extremely anxious and worried most of the time:

To make you clear of what actually anxiety is, let me define the same for you – Anxiety is a feeling of fear of assuming something that could happen.
Now, anxiety at times doesn’t mean that you’re mental disturbed. Let me give you some examples:- “ It’s the first day at your job and you feel anxious about your performance.”
“ You’re a girl and you’re wearing an outfit that makes you feel you might be raped or sexually abused. Hence, you’re anxious and nervous. “
These 2 examples of being anxious is normal from a normal person’s point of view.
But, if anxiety gains an increase it can turn into phobia (extreme fear in something) and can be paralyzing
Anxiety interferes with sleep and arises other aspects such as restlessness. You will be requiring medical help to overcome anxiety.

9:  You’ve irrational fears that interfere with your life:

Irrational fears involve-
• fear that someone is watching or following you
• extreme fear of animals (dogs, lizards, spiders) or
• situations (e.g. flying or social situations) .

Irrational fears become obsessive on nature which ultimately leads to continuous and constant thoughts of anxiety. And anxiety is a serious illness as discussed above!
Some of the other irrational fears include:
• being exposed to germs
• being lesbian or gay even though you don’t have any attraction towards the same sex.

Irrational fears are dangerous cause, they can leave you emotionally paralyzed and disturb your mind’s normal functioning.

10:  You’re edict to alcohol, drugs to numb emotional pain:

Consuming alcohol or drugs is often referred to as “self-medicating”. To escape an emotional pain which you’re unable to discuss with your family, you trace towards :

•being an edict of alcohol, weed or drug,
• gambling
• consuming excessive food
• sex

These types of addictions can signal the presence of serious mental health problems in your life. Before, it’s too late, you must learn to deal with the same. You must go through this link


and learn how to talk to your family members or friends about your mental health and emotions.

Now, you are well aware of the 10 signs you need Mental Health Treatment. And if you recognize yourself in any of these 10 signs you need mental Health Treatment. I’ve already told you, and, I again tell you, don’t hesitate to talk about your mental health breakdown. Your loved ones, your family doctor or your close friends are always a good place to start with!

Author:- Komal Kumari from team

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