The Night Our Dreams

I’ve already had my share
So give me no more pain
I beg thee, my love ,
I’m already much insane

Knowing that I was broken everytime
I let you enough to hold me
But I had a heart vulnerable
That set my insecurities free

The moonlight fell , making us shine so bright
And my cheeks glowed peach to see how intimately close we had been
Your love made me alive and so did it kill
And I fail to relate it to the dream I had long back seen

You looked into my eyes and I did too
And thus found yours making an appeal
A smile affirmed the rest on my account
And our hearts mutually agreed to a love-deal

I could feel your lips undress me
And your fingers running along
And darling , you had nearly choked me
But damn , I was loving it all

The moon hid behind the clouds blushing at our love,
The stars shone brighter than the bright
It was only then that we gave up ourselves
On that dense-dark and cold night

With clasped fingers and sweaty bodies
We paused to catch some breath
And listening to each others’ pounding heart
We , lying over one another , slept.


Poem by Sambhavi from team

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