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Self-Help Books that will change your life

Do you want to bring some positive changes in your daily life?

Do you have a very hectic schedule and you are not able to spare time with yourself?

Have you lost the motivation to focus on your primary goal?

Are you guys facing relationship and family problems?

Have you read a number of self-help books and blogs, but got no positive results?

You might have gone through a number of websites, but got no appropriate listing of exclusive self-help books that helps in real sense.

Well, here is a list of self-help books that will help you bring a change in real sense.

  1. Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese word formed further from two words- ‘Kai’ and ‘Zen’.

‘Kai’ means Times and ‘Zen’ means All. Together Kaizen means improvement.

We know after the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two Japanese territory, the recovery was almost impossible.

Moreover, Japan is frequently hit by earthquakes, tsunami and other deadly natural calamities.

Japan claims and stands as Asia’s most developed country.

After the vast devastation brought by the World War second, Japan applied the Kaizen method to improve.

It’s written on the cover page: “The Japanese Method for Transforming Habits, one small step at a time.”

The book doesn’t assure improvement like any other self-help books. It asks for action. A small action that will bring about a positive change.

For example, if you have some sort of addiction for coffee, the book asks you to take the smallest possible step to end the habit. Avoid coffee for a day. Then further avoid coffee for a week. Then for a week. Finally, a day would come when you don’t have an addiction anymore.

Kaizen is overall about step-by-step improvement goal for a long duration.

The book authored by Sarah Harvey, provides the best content to make improvements in the various spheres of life.

It has several questions you need to answer about: Health, Work and Relationship. It further asks you to write about the smallest step you can make to improve.

The book also has a chapter named: Stumbling blocks. The chapter talks about the hindrance which we face in the way of completion of our work.

Well, I will stop here and not give much of spoilers about the book. Read the book thoroughly. Answer the questions. Maintain a diary as asked by the book.

The book has 254 pages and is easily available online. You can easily purchase it for Rs. 306.19 on Amazon Kindle. You may order a hard copy from Amazon or Flipkart. However, if you instantly need the book, you may purchase it from a nearby book store.

If you follow the content in the book, you will see a change in your daily life and a drastic change in the long term.

Buy Kaizen

  1. The Power of your Subconscious Mind

The book authored by ‘Dr. Joseph Murphy’ is widely read and followed by a majority.

It tells about the two spheres of mind we have- conscious and subconscious. Conscious mind is the one with which we make all the important decisions of our life. Subconscious mind on the contrary records the things we experience and visualizes the memory in a different form.

This is not specifically a self-help-book. It talks about the miracles we can make by our subconscious mind.

The book talks about positivity. The results that affirmative thoughts bring to our life.

The book is about the positive prayer we make. It’s not about folding hands in front of a statue and requesting a dream to be fulfilled. It’s about thanking the Almighty and the circumstances of the completion of a dream.

For example, you want to purchase an expensive mobile phone. Keep saying to yourself in affirmation that you already have that mobile phone with yourself. Your subconscious mind accepts your affirmation and helps you achieve the phone in real one day.

The book has various examples about people who relied on their affirmative thoughts and achieved success.

This book has about 227 pages. It is a quite popular book, easily available on Amazon Kindle at a very low price of just Rs. 19. You may also receive it easily from a nearby book store. You may even order online.

We recommend you guys read this book after you have read ‘Kaizen’.

When you read and follow ‘Kaizen’, there will be moments you may fail. The chapter ‘Stumbling Blocks’ of ‘Kaizen’ will tell you about it in detail.

So, when you experience the ‘Stumbling Blocks’ in your life, don’t give up. Keep trying with affirmative thoughts and actions.

Buy The Power of your Subconscious Mind 


The author ‘Satish Mandora’ has been a man on the move. He experimented and tried himself with different ventures and ideas before discovering his true calling as a success coach. He has made a significant role on the lives of several people globally through his inspirational talks and life-enhancing training programs.

In the book though rare but greatly informative, the author discusses how and why the greatest insights into life come from the simplest of things.

The author has presented various instances from his life as simple stories with a subtle message towards leading a more soothing life. He stresses on the importance of valuing every second of our life. Every little thing we experience, though silly, is important.

This book is about finding our epiphany in the most mundane activities.

There are numerous lessons to be learnt from life, but unless we are awake to our surroundings and aware of the importance of everyday life, we will continue to have our antennae tuned to the wrong frequency.

To tune our antennae to the right frequency, all we need to do is to look a little deeper, listen more carefully and feel more intense.

These things may sound very simple to do. However, a well-known but, unfortunately, easily forgotten fact of life is that the simplest of things are the most difficult to practice. The author attempts to remind us of this fact through this book.

This book is a collection of small chapters with varying themes and lessons. The author has successfully demonstrated valuable messages while keeping the chapters very brief and the best part of each chapter is the opening quotes at the start.

This book transforms the way we look at the most ordinary events in life. The author, through small chunks of his life, tries to remind us of the things we ignore, be it as small as putting work ahead our health most of the times, or eating food rather than savouring it, or why a particular Vada seller refused to sell me a Vada pav?

This book pushes us to ponder over the most basic things that happen in our lives that we often rule out as unimportant.

For example, you may forget your phone at home when you go out for a family day out. The moment you realize this, on the surface level, your basic instinct would be to worry about it and think of the various reasons how the phone would be so important for you on that particular day.

But if you try to think deeper, you would realize that instead of being constantly distracted by your phone, you could actually live in the moment, putting the people who are closer to you above the people who are distantly connected to you.

Why the Vada Seller Refuse a Sale? is a light read with some thought-provoking incidents in between chapters. It is about small changes that can bring about substantial results.

Everything happens for a reason, to teach us something and without learning the basics we cannot be expected to tackle the more complex problems that life has in store for us. So, we need to prioritize our life in order which is precisely the cornerstone of this book.

The book is only of 146 pages. If you have amazon kindle unlimited you can easily read it for free there. You always have an option to read the hard copy.


  1. The Monk who sold his Ferrari

This book is widely searched and read by a majority. For people who haven’t read the book raise various questions in their minds.

‘How can a monk probably sell a Ferrari? Hold on, how can a monk own a Ferrari in the first place?’

It is about a fictional character, Julian Mantle, who is a successful lawyer caught up in modern day insecurities.

He takes a major decision of leaving his past belongings behind, he sets off to the Himalayas in search of peace, positivity and enlightenment.

Penned in the form of a conversation, this book owns a potential to be a mirror and one’s guide towards a better being.

Divided in seven different lessons beautifully connected together; each chapter has bulletins at the end as a summary, which indeed makes it more effective.

How to master one’s mind, follow one’s purpose. Make self-improvement. Acknowledge the importance of time. Serve fellow humans selflessly. Evolve a better self-free from the materialistic thirst and stressed life in the asylum of peace and positivity.

Though one might be annoyed with a slow start hyping the value of the tricks, at the end one’s going to find it worth their time.

Be it a student striving night and day for good grades, or a businessperson going on trips every other week leaving their family behind; Be it the person idling away wondering what’s wrong with this hectic world, or someone lying sick, not knowing when they’ll find cure – this book is truly a must read for all.

The book is of 198 pages. You can read the book again in Amazon Kindle at just Rs. 46.

Buy The Monk who sold his Ferrari

  1. The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck

As the title suggests, the book is a bit rude and harsh for you. This will force you and give the best results among many.

The book starts with a strong assertion not to try to change ourself.

To evolve oneself on our own and improve the bad among us should be solely our choice.

The main goal of the book is that it asks people not to rely on any self-help book or guide to bring a change.

People always want more from their life. More beautiful. Richer. However, we always forget what we are amidst the want of ‘more’.

For example, when you look in the mirror and say that you are beautiful, it means you consider somewhere that you are not beautiful.

Confidence and Appraisal comes from within, we don’t have to constantly affirm ourself that we lack something.

The author ‘Mark Manson’ has also fantastically described a toxic relationship at the end. If you face relationship problems, you can easily correlate and take a decision to bring it to an end.

Don’t rely on someone for a change. Thank but never depend on anyone who have helped you out of the way.

This book may not bring a change in you but will certainly help you to accept the circumstances.

Not giving a f*ck means not caring about the unimportant or less important things in your life.

It never asks to stop caring about important things like your responsibilities. Being more beautiful, richer, smarter, sexier and so on is obviously not your responsibility. It is rather your selfish want.

92% of the readers loved this book, it is highly recommended to read this spectacular book.

The book contains 224 pages. It is available for just Rs. 161 on Amazon Kindle. It may be easily available in your nearby book store.

Buy The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck.

Way Forward:

We have provided the list of these five books in a sequence. Do read them in a specific order for a greater help.

A book is known as man’s best friend. We recommend reading a long and good self-help book is far more worthy than surfing your answers at the internet.

However, if you guys are more of an internet and want short and precise answers for your problems refer to our blogs:


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Hope this article helps you a lot to distinguish between worthy and not-worthy self-help books.

At times, self-help books are not so interesting to read as they repeat the same things again and again.

However, these books will surely render a positive impact in your life and they are quite interesting to read.

Author:- Shubhanshi from team

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