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Self-Employment after Covid-19

On 30th of January 2020 , a deadly pandemic outbreak was witnessed by the Indians. The rest of the world was already suffering the blow of the same.
Immediate meetings among leaders and officials resulted in the announcement of a complete lockdown in the country in order to check the spread of the virus , Covid-19.
What followed is known by everyone – be it the writer or the reader ; the one aware or the one ignorant. We simply cannot deny the fact that many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and the lockdown that followed . The loss was inevitable.
Amidst such chaos and tensed atmosphere , a slogan caught attention of many : ‘vocal for local’. This was to support self – employment and small scale industries. The recent trending hashtag ‘baba ka dhaba’ was one such example of the support shown to ‘vocal for local.’
The youngsters these days have shown an interest in pursuing their careers in the passion that they follow. They opt for self – employment. This way , they not only are responsible for their self-development , but also for the generation of employment opportunities for others.
Interesting? Well , what if I tell you that you won’t have to fear being scoffed and scolded by your superiors at your workplace?
Okay , hold on. What if I tell , that you can be your own boss and hire people under you as well? I’m sure you’d be forced to think it over. Finally , what if I tell you that you can pursue your passion as your career? Now , I’m sure you’d have almost fallen off your bed out of excitement.
This is what we know as self employment. It includes Graphic designers, Photographers , Writers , Social media specialists , Makeup artists , Bloggers , Developers ,Event planners ,Hair stylists , and a lot of other categories .
Though with all advantages and a huge support from the people across nation on one side, the ‘self-employment’ factor isn’t completely untouched of drawbacks. The most important ones being :
● to start earning a decent livelihood , the self employed person needs to establish a good base that requires patience , hardwork and consistency.
● an entrepreneurial mindset with strong guts to bear the possible losses counts among the essentials as well.
● one can never be sure of earning a certain amount over a certain period of time.
● The last one to be mentioned is , “ ismein bhot riks hai ”. If you know , you know.

So , with plenty of opportunities , and few limitations , here we had a brief introduction to ‘self – employment’ in the layman language .


Author:- Sambhavi from team

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