Rest In Peace

A girl was born to the parent’s delight
But according to the rest , she was born to fight.
Her fight had begun in her mother’s womb
And shall probably continue till she is buried in her tomb.
Her entire life is to be marked with struggles,
The said journey shall be full of hurdles.
Look! She jumps off one , by being born-
Defeating female infanticide to be sworn .
The second barrier is to cross the boundary-
To go to school ; study ; and create a history.
Oh! She won it! She’s now in a school,
Ready to make her own inventions and tools.
The third milestone is to continue her studies.
Convincing her parents to invest in her fees.
Still succeeding , she keeps marching ahead
After all she is expected to earn more than mere butter and bread
While in the high school , she suffers a sudden blow,
Well , it is nothing but the repeated tortures of the menstrual flow.
Ignoring the suffering ,bearing the pain,
She continues her strife without letting her efforts drain.
Focusing on her dreams , she’s now in the college ,
Frequently taunted for her body and growing age.
Body-shaming , eve-teasing , and a lots more to face ,
And now you see the strangers teaching her how to dress.
She’s now a graduate , ready to fulfill her dreams,
Who knew ? She’s gonna end up in screams!
One gloomy evening – while driving office and back.
Under the sky overcast with clouds black-
The vehicle stopped- it was an alarm.
There were some wolves waiting to cause her harm.
She , unaware approached them for help,
They cast a glance on her , and then on themself.
A group of monsters upon her pounced
She was kept being scratched and dragged on the ground!
No one could hear her scream and yell
She cursed the humanity to burn in hell.
Her body and soul -both were raped
And now , you see her completely dead.
The beasts had now satisfied their lust
Thus breaking every woman’s trust!
None of them will approach a stranger
Even if she gets caught in the worst of a danger
The poor deceased spent her life in fight
But those brutal animals proved to be stronger than her might.
This is not a story or a tale.
But , the truth and fear of every female.
We go through a lot and still smile.
We keep dying and still cover miles.
The society is sick -full of disease!
All I can say is – HUMANITY – REST IN PEACE


Poem by Sambhavi from team

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