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Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurship

 “Tough times never last, but tough people do”.

                                                              ~Robert H. Schuller.

Let us start with definition of an Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in hope for profit. For the development of the economy entrepreneurs play a major role. As women are no longer behind in any field, so is the case with the life of an entrepreneur. Women have found their way through the system and paved their way to enter the life of an entrepreneur.


According to a recent study, about 8 million women have started their own business and they are a successful entrepreneurs. Every woman wants to be her own boss. If you want to be your own boss being a woman we need to utilize your skills. The abilities in you should have to be explored. The simple mantra is to “get married with your skills and talents”.


So, if you do want to be your own boss go through our mingled business ideas according to your skill.

Fashion Designer: Do you love designing? If yes, start working on it and start a fashion designing business. Fashion has made a blood relation with human beings, today humans can forget their own relatives but they will fail to forget fashion. Fashion nowadays represent the authenticity of a civilized person.

Your dressing sense describes your status in the society. However poor you are if you manage to wear a branded cloth they you can even compete with rich people. These fashion sense has a lot to think about as not only the adult are crazy for fashion but also the parents want their child to be fashionable. For more information about kids fashion visit It’s very centered and have always been favorite for women. It requires very small investment and is one of the most money making small business idea.

Food Marketing: Indian women usually turn out to be outstanding in cooking delicious and healthy food. Food is the necessity for all human beings. Food has become the part of the marketing system. Every part of the country has several hotels and local food vendors who earn a living through cooking delicious food. If you have interest in cooking do take small steps and start up your business. You may make videos of various recipies and put it on social medias like youtube, facebook and instagram. One can also start to teach how to cook food on Youtube and earn a living from One can also start tiffin services for people who are so busy to cook for themselves. Visit to learn hoe they teach you to be a home chef and host people for a fee. Archana Doshi of Archanas kitchen Fame is an example who created her own identity and became popular food blogger. She just utilized her cooking skills and has earned her name in the society.

Beauty Parlor: Beautician course has paved its way in the Indian Society. ‘One has to look good to feel good’ rightly for the people who think they can take over the beautician industry.The industry has its roots all over the country.

The normal beauty product that is bought in the store is normally 10 times its real cost, hence, profit for the seller. These days it has also become a tradition for girls to hire beauticians for bridal makeup. It gives an opportunity to directly have a profit in this field


Event Management: Event planning has also earned a lot of attraction in this few years. People these days like to hire event planners for birthdays, weddings etc. It helps them save time and money and this why they prefer event planner for every function. This event planning business has held a position in the market is really hard to move them from their position. For example you must know some wedding planners, they do all the management from engagement to marriage. It also has steps to


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  • Marketing
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  • Security
  • Location
  • Creativity
  • Logistics
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  • Finance


Online Coaching: Teaching was once a profession to share knowledge but now you can make it your profession as well as your way to make income for yourself. Teachers’ are in great demand in this pandemic too as the pandemic has cost loss of jobs to several teachers and their seats are vacant. In this pandemic, You can find a way to spread knowledge through Youtube, Zoom, Google meet etc. and earn a living. For example you can visit to see how teachers’ are taking online classes in a systemized way. It opens the windows of knowledge to students all over the world irrespective of their colour, religion, sex, country etc.

Sewing : It is the greatest natural skill in a woman. Shaving does not mean only dressmaking skill. It means stitching of curtains, covers etc. This can be enjoyable and profitable if one is interested in this. It’s very effective for women who doesn’t have degrees. There are many online videos which can help us in stitching various fancy dresses. Visit “stitch by stitch” Channel for learning to stitch suits, frocks, blouses and other tricks. Sewing is completely home-based business.

Selling of handmade products: This business requires creativity. It is trending day by day because of some online platforms like Amazon, flipkart etc. Handmade products like wooden products, crafts, toys or anything of your choice can be the best way of earning. is the best online international platform for handicrafts. You can register on it and can easily make money. All you need is the artistic touch and materials.

Author:- Priyanka Raj from team

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