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Online classes a bane Or boon ??

The covid-19 pandemic has drastically affected the generation. The academic year, classes, examinations have been thrown into disorder all over the world. To maintain a proper balance in studies, schools and colleges have taken a step of conducting online classes via. Zoom, google meet, Microsoft etc.


  This step has glimmered a debate whether online studying is advantageous or disadvantageous. As every single thing has pros and cons, same is in the case of the virtual classes.


 Virtual classes create an adverse effects on the young children. Continuously looking at the gadgets for long time is not a healthy way of learning. Children get annoyed sitting hours on the screen.


Every family doesn’t have a perfect environment for studies. The gossips or other family issues makes the student mentally absent in their lessons and they can miss the important parts.


At school the background is of studies. Having peers around a students refreshes the mind during breaks. But at home in breaks they rush for bathing or having lunch. This as a result creates a negative pressure in mind of a child.


Health of an individual should be the first priority. But studying at home in an isolation and lonely background has created a bad impact on the mental health of a child.


Necessarily,children need to be supervised. They don’t get a kind of supervision like they used to get in a classroom. Now, one can say parents be at home. Yes it’s a point . But parents are too busy in their household that it becomes tough to supervise.


People are attracted more towards bad things. As the students are free from the rules and regulations,   it is quite obvious for them to violate the curriculum. Chances are very high that they might get distracted.


Lack of face to face interaction among a student and teacher make many things unclear. Learners don’t even maintain regular notes and thus lag behind in academic progress. This as a result will be harmful for them in long run.


57% of the total population in India belong to middle class family. It is very difficult for them to arrange gadgets for attending the classes . And they are bound to do so because every parent want their child to pursue proper education.


If in a family there are three child studying, the  guardian by hook or by crook has to provide them mobile phones or laptops. This might create a disbalance in the financial running of the family.


Now,if we compare our grandparents’ view towards meal with our own, we will find a disciplined approach to meals from their side. Our side we don’t give a disciplined approach to our meals. We do prefer ready-made and fast foods. This has created deficiency of various nutrients in our body.


Even the veggies we get now are stored with the help of different harmful chemicals. So we are not as fit as our earlier generation was.


Our grandparents don’t use spects even at the age of eighty. But now majority of the students are provided to have it with high power. With this poor immunity and  deficiency, if we sit for attending classes in online mode it can cause problems like eye dryness, burning sensation of eyes and even some ear problems.


The next issue is with regard to the network issues .  Lack of proper network connections in some areas disable students from smooth learning of topics.


During online exams, the children’s don’t have any  invigilator . So they are free to use unfair means. Gaining marks with such practices will ruin the career in the long run. It is also against moral values.


It’s not that the virtual classes doesn’t help anyone. It is effective as it is cost efficient and flexible. Flexible in the sense that it can be gained at indoors or outdoors.


The only thing is that ,the child needs to be determined that yes,I wanna gain from this and

should have the inner desire to conquer their aim.


Thus, online classes at regular  basis has many cons over pros.


Author:- Priyanka Raj from team

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