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New Year Resolutions for 2021

As new year approaches, our hearts are filled with enthusiasm and expectations. This New Year celebration, however will be different as compared to the previous ones.

We will have to maintain social distancing. Outing and picnic may not be so much possible in COVID.

House may seem like cages and family members like only friends in the boring cage.

This New Year let’s celebrate for being together with family. Make our terrace the picnic spot.

Pray for the safety of the corona-warriors and fast recovery of the patients.

Well, the one-thing that shall stay common this New-Year will be the Resolutions!

This article aids you to decide your resolutions for the upcoming year. We will be dividing the sub-headings under: Primary Goal, Health, Work and Relationship.

Primary Goal:

A person must have an instant primary goal in life for which s/he dedicates a majority time.

It is good if you maintain a diary. Jot down your priorities. Be extremely serious while doing it.

After you are done with your priority list, write measures on how you could achieve your goals.

For example, you will be sitting for a competitive exam, or want to achieve something.

Write down the steps you could take to achieve your goal. Make a list of things that distract you. Write down the steps on how you could overcome your short-comings.

A person with a fixed aim puts his maximum effort to achieve his goal. There is nothing you can’t do.

Maintaining a diary, motivates a person more than anything. Hold to your goals and your promises.


Health is an important aspect of life. Success comes easily to healthy people.

If you get up late after sleeping early and don’t eat at proper times, you would see your day goes waste.

Include healthy life also in your New Year resolution. This will boost up your stamina and confidence.

Again, maintain a diary or a mobile application that would help you record every data.

‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.’

Rightly said and best when applied. Follow it for a day or two and this becomes your daily routine.

Avoid using mobile phones while going to sleep. It’s a very bad habit.

If you use your phone too much, download applications like Digital Detox. This will help you to avoid the use of mobile phones for a certain time period.

Eat healthy. Dietitians say that people who have a strong immune system have lesser chances of death out of COVID-19.

Include salad and fruits in your diet. Also include milk and dry fruits like Almonds, Resins and all that stuff. Drink required amount of water.

Show love to yourself. You can go through the following link:

Talk to yourself. You are the one who can change something within you. Introspection is important. You should go through the following link for a detailed info:

A small change in lifestyle shall bring a drastic change in work-life. Including health-related issues in New-Year resolution would bring good change in the upcoming year.


COVID has changed our lives. Every work has been shifted to our laptops and phones.

Never attend your classes or your meetings in your living room. This makes you uninterested in the meet.

Take an area free from people, a separate room. Ensure the windows are open and you get sufficient light. Well, this was not a New Year resolution, a mere advice.

The New Year resolution for work-life should be focus. Never compromise with your primary goal.

Stay attentive and alert in your work. Meditation and self-care help you a lot in your work.

You can go through this blog and know why is self-care important:

Make changes for your improvement because change brings joy.


Family and friends play a vital role in our life. Often in the hectic journey of life, we are unable to spend ample time with them.

This year on 1st January, we shall spend time with our family and loved ones.

Let’s spare some time to feel their presence and importance. Smell the delicious food prepared by mother and the love it has in it. Feel your father’s hand on your head.

When lunch is served, thank the Almighty to keep you all together in this hard time.

Along with everything, take a resolution this year, to spare some time with your family. Talk to them about everything. If you face some sort of trauma or mental issues, discuss with your family.

You can refer the following link:

If you think, you are uncomfortable to share things with your family because they are very conservative, go through the following link:

Relationship with a partner must be dealt with patience. All the misunderstandings can be solved.



If you think your goals would execute smoothly, without any obstacle, you’re probably wrong.

There may be instances during the year, when you would be forced to leave your work.

There may come times, when you would want to take a break from the monotony.

Never let a marriage party or an outing with friends hamper your primary goal.

Spend some time in your hobby or some productive work. Never waste a single moment doing nothing. Take proper rest and energize yourself for the tough path ahead.

If you’re a person who follows strict routine, never get discouraged when you would fail to follow your routine.

Never let the morning decide you day. If you get up late, never spoil the whole day doing nothing. Getting up late is not recommended though from health point of view.

Never isolate yourself. Learn to stay social without doing any harm to your main goal.

You can read our blog ‘How to be alone and not lonely?’.


Vaccine is just on its way. We can expect a vaccine and economic recovery in 2021. For further info you may read the following blog:

May this New Year bring loads of joy and success to our viewers.

Author:-Shubhanshi from team


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