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Micromax the Indian company has set a comeback in the Indian market with an estimate of Rs. 500 crore. Micromax once ruled the Indian market but was taken down by the introduction of the Xiaomi in the year 2014. Since then Micromax had not shown any progress in the market as it was in complete control of the Xiaomi Corporation. Xiaomi is basically a Chinese company that always amazes its users with best cameras, processors, looks etc.

History of Micromax

  • Micromax was founded in the year 2000 by Rahul Sharma i.e, 20 years back. It’s headquarters is in Gurugram, Haryana, India. It started as a IT software company but later entered into mobile handset industry.
  • By the year 2010 Micromax had gained its position among the largest domestic phone making company at a very low cost in India. It also owns the brand YU(phone). The founder, Rahul Sharma once had seen a person using the truck battery to use the public call phone. This struck an idea to his mind, he worked on this project and he launched the first phone of Micromax with one month battery life. It marked the companies beginning in the domestic market of India.
  • In the year 2014, Micromax sales exceeded to that of Samsung. It became the most manufactured phones to ship to one quarter of the people of India. On 24 January 2014, it became first Indian company to sell phones to Russia.
  • Micromax had earned a great reputation in the market but it was very badly ruined by the Chinese company, Xiaomi. Xiaomi introduced phones with great cameras, look, processors, etc. which gained a lot of audience and within no time took over the market. By 2018, Xiaomi became India’s No. 1 smartphone in India.

Comeback of The Indian Brand

Micromax had revealed that its brand new ‘In’ series of phones will launch in India on November 3. Micromax had teased a comeback video on its social media channels riding the anti-China sentiments. The company’s CEO Rahul Sharma announced new ‘In’ series by showcasing blue color smartphone retail box. Micromax’s comeback marks a new impression in the market. The other brands have trembled with specifications and the low price phones that will be available to the public from 26th November, 2020. Indian consumer electronics brand Micromax is making a grand comeback in the domestic smartphone market hoping to capitalize on the rising anti-China sentiment in the country.

Micromax has launced two new phones with great cameras, looks and especially the Helio G85 and the G35 gaming processors and that is at a low cost that creates a havoc in the market :-

  • In note1 with Helio G85 processors
  • In 1b with Helio G35 processors

Micromax has officially claimed its comeback in Indian market and from 26th November the sales on Flipkart and Micromax official website decides the future of other Chinese and Japanese phone brands.

Though Micromax had not launched new devices for quite some time, however the company is still present in the market along with old phones. It is clear that the company is ready to make a comeback in the market and will soon see new Micromax smartphones. Micromax return to the smartphone market in India comes at a time when sentiments are high and there is a big push from the government as well, towards ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’. The Micromax has very high scope in the market and if everything goes well it will again take over the market like it had taken over in the year 2014. Lets support our Indian brand and show our respect for ‘Make in India’.

Author:- Shyam Narayan Singh from team

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