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How to show yourself love

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness. “  _ Robert Morley


We often fall for the idea that self-criticism is the key for living a life of high standards. I’m afraid ! Cause this tendency actually hurts self-performance, self-productivity and healthy-being.


Loving myself! How to show myself love?

Self-love might mean to many performing activities like – taking hot showers, having a cup of coffee, reading favourite novel, treating oneself to a spa, or good food.

But self-love is much more than these fun-loving-activities. It’s not just pampering yourself.


Before talking about “how” , let’s deal firstly with “why” .


Why to love yourself?


Being kind and loving to yourself in day-to-day life is in my experience one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

Self-love is one of the most powerful weapons against depression.

Being in love with yourself provides you with an end result- “ Self-confidence” . Self-confidence boosts up the self-worth and this gradually helps to feel more optimistic.


When you love yourself, it’ll be easier for you to fall in love with others. Once you’re in love with yourself you stop comparison and become more confident. Worries about “What others will think” disappear at once !


How to love yourself?


Read  on some of the tips to discover your worth and begin the practice of self-love.


1• Invest in yourself :

It’s always great to invest some time in yourself. Give 20-30 minutes either in the morning or evening in reading your favorite book, listening to your favorite music, or playing your favorite sports. These favorites of yours uplifts your heart and brain. Sometimes your own company can teach you valuable lessons of life.


2• Mediate and practice Journalism:


To focus inward daily makes you a better version of yourself. Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily in the beginning. Expand the time span gradually and see the difference within yourself. Your soul and body will be filled up with spirituality.

To write down your own feeling and emotions, help you focus on the good things and get rid of negative experiences. The habit of writing a journal allows your mind to adore the good and learn from the bad.


3• Make a list of self-accomplishment:


Designing a list of your achievements is a great way to fall in love with yourself. This action helps you hunt happiness from your accomplishments. Remind yourself that you’re talented and worth enough in various fields of life.


4• Adopt patience within yourself:


Let the fear and urgency go off. Relax for sometimes daily. Trust in yourself, your work and enjoy the happy results.


5• Forgive yourself:


Reflect on your mistakes and forgive yourself. Do not continuously look back and punish yourself for poor choices. Remember, it’s your past. Follow the norm – “ Forgive and Forget. “


6• Reward yourself:

I’m sure you must be congratulating one of your friends for his/her success! When was the last time you congratulated and praised yourself? Go on, reward yourself. Take a day off from your busy schedule and go to a movie or maybe to a spa. Or else reward yourself with a new launched romantic novel(if it’s your genre), or a mouth-watering dinner at a restaurant.


7•  Learn to say “NO”:


It’s not always about others’ expectations. Sometimes it must be about your happiness. If you’re not loving to do what you do just say ‘NO’. Instead find something you can and will do with heart, mind and soul! Cause, there lies your happiness.


8• Pursue new interests:


Try something new, something which you’ve always wanted to do. Adore a new hobby and pursue it. You’ll find it to be fun. New interest is a journey towards an awesome life.


9• Give yourself a break:


You might be going through hard times. It’s natural, but what you need to do in such circumstance is to give yourself a break. Just sit and relax. No one is perfect and pain is inevitable. Accept these two theories and stop being too hard on yourself. Cause, you are most expensive for yourself.


10• Affirm your love for yourself:

Affirmations are one of the great ways to show yourself love. Affirmations mean – “Verbal repetition of a meaningful statement “. A statement that’s important to you. A statement that makes you unique and reflects a quality you desire to develop within yourself.

“ Whatever we think, we become “, so, think great, affirm those thoughts and program your brain for self-love.


11• Seek professional help:


Don’t ever reject or neglect yourself if something isn’t going your way. It’ll be unfair and painful for yourself. Happiness is your right . If you’re a failure to solve your problems(which you’ll be at some point of life) seek professional help. Consult a counselor or a mental health coach. Self-investment is a must.


Some of the books which I would suggest you to read if you want to develop self-love as a habit are as follows:


  • How to love yourselfLodro Rizzler
  • The art of self-loveKim Morrison
  • Life is what you make it Preety Shenoy
  • I’m enough Grace Byers
  • Unf*ck yourself Gary John Bishop


What are your ways or plans that you follow to show yourself love? Drop below your comments. Let’s together uplift “Self-love” movement .


For more on the topic self-love visit the link mentioned here :-



Author:- Komal Kumari from team


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