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How to be alone and not lonely ?


To restore one’s inner strength remember a famous saying by Nietzsche – ” He who has a WHY to live for can bear with almost any HOW .

You can be alone and not lonely :
I have already dealt with loneliness, you can also do the same. To deal with loneliness, you don’t need always to deal with people. Solitude is a great teacher with secret lessons allowing you to focus only on yourself rather than loneliness. At times when you think and reflect more on what others do, there’s a chance you fall a victim to loneliness. Loneliness is a synonym of comparison. As soon as you begin comparing yourself with others’ lifestyle, loneliness takes birth which ultimately results in mental trauma. Do you want to be alone and lonely? Go to the points mentioned below!

• Don’t surround yourself amidst a crowd :
I know many of you are trying to deal with the cruel loneliness and during this journey, you force yourself to create connectivity because you also believe the idea that ” One needs a company to be happy “.
Well, this isn’t always true. Why? Because You’re enough for yourself. Don’t always hunt for compliments from others. You must learn to praise yourself just as I do. Do what your heart desires not what others expect of you to do.
After all ” Dopamine ” is released by you within you.

• Put a full stop to things that don’t make you happy :
I’m sure you also use almost all of the famous social networking sites because it’s in a trend. You too hunt for the increase in the number of followers just as I used to do. And if the increase makes you happy, I’m afraid! These platforms promote nothing but discrimination. As such ” Fair people look like such and such “, ” Successful people own this and that “, Beautiful people lie in this category”. You will be shocked to know but the human mind accepts these facts easily and within no time it creates a home within the human mind. So, if you’re lonely, utilize the time now. Believe me, you’ll decorate a smile across your faces. How to do so? Read further!

• Discover yourself and polish your hidden skills) :
When you’re alone you’re at peace and when you’re at peace your mind tends to discover newness within your own self. You’re able to understand yourself far better than ever. I personally love to be alone. And guess what, I’ve finished working on my first book and already taken up the second one. I came to know that ‘writing’ is my true call. Who knows you too will come to know your call. Just discover yourself, stop multitasking, learn to be alone; not lonely.

• Do something exciting :
Fun elements add up to the memories of life. Don’t wait for things to happen; act on them now.
“Book Lover? ” Go to a book store, purchase books, read them, enjoy them!
” Music freak? “Go to a corner of the room, plug in earphones, play the music, enjoy!
” Nature lover? ” Go outside, view the mesmerizing sunset, wait for the sunrise that’s yet gonna come, enjoy!
” Food lover ” Go to the kitchen, bake a cake or pizza, take a big bite, enjoy it!

• Live the silence :
Between chaos and loneliness, you must have forgotten to enjoy the silence. Silence is the most expensive gift for a human mind and heart. Meditate for a while, let the peace pierce through your soul. Believe me, you’ll be blessed just as I’m. Try it now.

• Some books you must read for mental peace :
The Power of Now
Stillness is the Key
Good to Great
Man’s search for Meaning.

Note : Learn to be alone, and forget the loneliness.


Author:- Komal from team

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