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France and Islam Issue

It was in 1789 when French Revolution took place in France. France upheld the meaning and importance of “Liberty” and “Fraternity”. Only 9% (5 million) of French population is Muslim. The country with diehard secularists is now being boycotted by the whole civilization of Islam.

Few months back came Emanuel Macron’s statement that Islam faced problems around the world. He said he wasn’t stigmatizing Muslims but some disagreed. Macron also announced a controversial “anti-separatism bill” to crack down on Islamic radicalism.

In 2015, France was the country with highest number of citizens who had left to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria. In the same year, Charlie Hebdo a French satirical weekly magazine released caricatures of Prophet Mohammed. The extremists attacked the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed.

On October 16, 2020 came a really sad news. A 47-year-old teacher named Samuel Patty was beheaded by a Chechnya refugee for showing caricatures of Mohammed Prophet in a school. On one hand social media roared for the brutal mishap while on the other hand the Islamic community blamed and boycotted France for Macron’s statement.

The Economy of France is highly developed. It was the largest Foreign Development Investment recipient in Europe in 2020. With a nominal GDP of 2.6 trillion dollars and growing its GDP rank is 7th in the world. After the controversial statement of Macron and the ongoing aggression the Muslims from the entire world have started boycotting France. Social media has trending hashtags like- #BoycottFrance. Products by France are being boycotted by the orthodox Muslims.

Chechnya, though a part of Russia has critical relations within Russia and the countries around. Officially known as Chechen Republic as a republic of Russia, it is situated in the North Caucasus of Eastern Europe, close to the Caspian Sea. Through this link you can understand the long controversial history of Chechnya with Soviet Union and Russia:

In the present scenario, Turkey has played a critical role. Tukey has made several attempts to be a member of the European Union. It is known as “a sick part of Europe”. The only Islamic country which is a member of NATO is a gateway from Asia to Europe. The Chechen refugees get an easy way to take shelter in Europe through Turkey

France has been a good friend of India. Amid the ongoing aggression Indians came with another trending hashtag on twitter- #IStandWithFrance.

President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stands against France. Erdogan has also made statements against India. This year amid the February riots in Delhi, Erdogan said, “Who’s dying in India? It’s Muslims. Who’s killing Muslims in India? It’s Hindus.”

Turkey has stepped into the ongoing civil war in Libya and Syria, which has irritated Russia. In Azerbaijan, Turkey is helping Azerbaijan against Armenia, which has further irritated Russia. Erdogan had to apologize in written to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President for interference in their matters.

Turkey has friendly relations with Hamas which is a Palestine Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization. Also, Hamas lies in the hit-list of Israel.

Turkey has also claimed areas of Greece. Greece, a NATO member state is backed by France in this conflict.

Hence, France-Turkey conflict has shaped Erdogan’s politics.

There is no reason to justify Macron’s statement. Also, there is no reason to justify Samuel Patty’s brutal murder for a trivial reason. There are many controversial posts by the orthodox civilization which tend to degrade or mock other religions. Putin said that if the Third World War ever took place it would be between civilizations not between countries, i.e., the Hindus would kill the Muslims or the Muslims would kill the Christians. He also noted Albert Einstein’s statement that World War 4th would be fought with woods and stones because there would be no weapons left after the devastating World War 3rd.

To become the head of Islamic nations, Turkey has created controversial relations with the neighboring countries. Instead of boycotting France one should have a look about Turkey’s irrational moves that has dragged religious disparity to politics.

In the poem, “Where the Mind is without Fear”, Rabindranath Tagore in the 1900s, had highlighted the meaning and importance of development of mindset. The mindset of the people has to change to accept each other’s sentiments. It’s good to preserve the religious feelings but international interest should be upheld.

To help the helpless should be the goal of every intellectual individual. To make every individual intellectual must be the goal of any government.

The most important thing one has to remember is that religion is only ‘a’ part of your identity not ‘the’ part of your identity.

In the present scenario when the orthodox Extremists and the terror groups like the ISIS create a havoc in various parts of the world, we should consider it our duty to stop the ongoing aggression in every possible way. Instead of standing against France, one should uphold the idea of the Uniform Civil Code by France. Strict actions should be taken for the wrongdoers and a helping hand should be extended towards the needy.

Author:- Shubhanshi from team

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