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Five ways to cultivate positive thoughts.

A mysterious world exist , in the deep grey ocean of our minds . Silence is embedded in its bed , where only sub consciousness and unconsciousness breathe in it’s isle .

   Silence and peace precludes in this solitude place , where all the cosmic transitions with the outer world take place .A place which is more deeper and darker then space is our mind .

Our mind is a creator of all the things  that are

 ongoing around us . Imagine two friends   talking to each other on the phone and one  said that her son was down with viral fever and the very next day the other friends child  was too down with fever . One may say it’s was a mere coincidence  , but in reality it’s something that has been sketched by listener’s mind .


If any kind of vibrations smuggles in the cosmic path of our brain , then its traces  becomes powerful than our mind and it further attracts extramundane and  good or bad events spontaneously arise in our daily course .That’s why it is said ” if you think positive  , good will come in your way and if you think negative then only gloomy ,bleak and bad conditions will sprout in your way.

 So ,we should cultivate good thoughts ,to remain positive towards any affair that come across our ear way.

Five ways to cultivate positive thoughts in your mind .


  1. Meditation 

From your daily routine spare some time to connect yourself with the cosmos (the world that is beyond earthly reach ) . As you meditate you shed away all the bleakness from your soul and the sterling divine beam evokes the helix of your soul  and one starts attracting positive vibrations .


 2. Avoid negative people .

In our life we meet kinds of beings .Some have positive attitude towards  life and are always merry making and celebrating. Then are some who have negative attitude towards life .These kind of people are always tired, stressed , gloomy , complaining about unnecessary things and  are  down with their body ails .

One should avoid these people negative thoughts to  connect with their mindset

and instead transmit them with their own positive vibrations


  1. Spend more time with nature.

As we nuture the greens , the nature nurtures our body and soul . A feeling of gaiety replenishes us with a fulsome zeal we feel lighthened, less anxious and depressed as we spend time in nature’s lap .


  1. Keep your mind engrossed

‘ Busy bees lives with peace ,’ people who are always working and are engrossed in ,their work ,are the ones who are least affected by negative vibrations , as their mind is always occupied in some chores , and have no time to let their mindset be submerged by the negative set.


  1. Vacation

Vacate your preoccupied mind by sneaking it in a different zone. As we work spontaneously ,a monotony creeps into our lifestyle and then the tired mind cultivates negative thoughts .So, at times one should take a vacation and embrace a different style of living .



These are  the five drops of motivation to prevent oneself from stepping into the world of negativity. So ,let’s shed away all the negativity and submerge oneself in the pool of positivity.


Author:- Deepti Khanna from team

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