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EXPECTATIONS FROM 2021 (COVID-19’s vaccine)

The expectations from 2021 are gonna be high. And the first one on this list will surely be the development of vaccine and end of pandemic.
Common man have bore 2020 with fear and they expect 2021 to bring with itself a vaccine as a boon in disguise.

There would be unending questions related to the development of COVID-19’s vaccine.

• Who would be coming out with the first batch of vaccine?
• What would be the process of distribution of the vaccine?
• Who would be leading in it’s distribution?
• How would it reach to the entire humanity on a global scale?

Well to answer these questions let’s take a look on what experts say! Experts who are working in the field of vaccine development have a believe that COVID-19’s effective vaccine is most likely to be available only after the fall of 2021.

Here’s a good review of the corona vaccine by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

NEED counts 115 vaccine programs out of which 37 are non-confirmed. No proper information is available on them. The rest 78 are the real ones. Out of these 78,5 of them are in the clinic; and definitely these 5 will be climbing up rapidly.

Chris’s comment:
Chris Chapman ;a portfolio manager at Manulife Investment says, “To actually get back to pre- covid or trend growth, it’s going to take more than a year. “, so the time taken for the recovery of COVID-19’s vaccine will be delayed, but, there’s an expectation of a vaccine soon in the very next year.

Science’s breakthrough:
Now, where the entire humanity is expecting the vaccine to be launched in 2021 , the science could make uncertain breakthroughs. For ex- If only a very small proportion of the population ;say; healthcare workers and children are vaccinated; that would be a big difference in the resumption of day to day life.

Anyway, one point is very clear:- “ The longer the hunt for an effective vaccine; the worse the economic conditions!

Expecting the Unexpected? Let’s move towards Science:

It’s quite tough time give exact estimates on when and how would the vaccine be out. All a scientist could do for the common people’s expectation is to draw them the possibilities in line with the scientific consensus.
Let’s quickly go through the factors that have the biggest influence on vaccine’s expectations:-

Build a trust upon Science, not politics:-

Scientists around the globe are toiling hard in the development of corona vaccine. Opinion poll analyst site 538 questioned the scientist, “how would we know if the vaccine is safe to take? “
To this Eric Topal ;cardiologist and scientist answers, “there’s lots of information that could (and should) be available now but isn’t”- which indirectly is a suggestion to ‘trust science, not politics’.

Your expectations could be categorized into 3 parts :-

Too good to be true:
An extreme optimistic version of the scenario is that we’ll have a vaccine by the end of 2020. And the list of people’s expectations are:

Quick and safe vaccine development as well as delivery.
• Cheering up for the players in the Olympics.
• Keep the masks aside as soon as it’s January 1st 2021
• Book the tickets for post summer vacations.

2021 is pretty similar to 2020:
Everyone considers that a single trail of vaccine would put an end to the pandemic. But I’m afraid. According to me, the expectations of humanity is going to be 50% false, cause, 2021 is bound to be surrounded by same masks, social distancing, sanitizers. And the list of people’s expectations now are:

• Tourism will not completely return in 2021.
• You’ll need to accept e-sports in 2021.
• Home lab tests will be upcoming as a new trend.
• Industries are gonna suffer the losses it had suffered back in 2020.

The slight pessimism version:
It’ll take months to vaccinate the ones in need. To vaccinate a huge population is yet going to be impossible due to the distribution issues. Keep in mind that the world is huge. So, it might be that the beginning of 2021 isn’t a boon , but, who knows the end might be! And the list of people’s expectations here are:

• Carrying sanitizers and wearing masks.
• Multiple waves of the COVID virus throughout 2021.
• Live sports events- OFF ; Online sports events – ON.
• May be around 2022-23 , the entire humanity will reach the level of “new normal”.

2020 was a tougher journey, 2021 will be tough. But, it’ll definitely turn out to be smooth one day. Let’s wait for that one day. Until then, learn more about yourself, your family and people around you.

Author:- Komal Kumari from team

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