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Christmas And New Year Celebration In Pandemic

“There’s no place like home for celebrations. “ As we are in the COVID-19 era, experts across the globe have insisted to stay home for self-safety.

Of course, the people are yearning for hugs and kisses from family members and friends. But, COVID-19 is a barrier even in coming festive seasons. Don’t worry! The good news is: with a slight amount of modifications in the pattern of celebrations, you can still make the most of the most important beautiful time of the year- Christmas followed by New Year.


Christmas is about being with the loved ones ;reflecting on how special life is. In this pandemic even if you can’t be together, your memories of being together can be cherished. You can celebrate online and hold onto those memories. I’m sure your  soul will be filled with love and joy.


  • Adopt the ‘Digital’:


This festive season, try out something that fits the new normal. Hunt for innovative ways to send greetings and gifts to your loved ones. You can even plan out digital surprises. For example – LIVE music and dance program via Zoom cloud aap. Or a personal radio show. These will surely make the celebrations memorable.


  • Go for DIY decorations:

A festival without decorations is incomplete. Why risk health and money in buying necessities for decorations from market. Why not plan for DIY decorations kits. The DIY kits are custom made and it makes your festive plans free from hassle.


  • Host a COVID Christmas drive:

The favourite social distancing Christmas party idea in my perspective is hosting a drive-by party. Staying calm and safe in one’s car, and doing something festive,is super cool. Why not try this type of unique celebration for this unique year 2020.


  • Host a Christmas caravan:

Lights are the soul of Christmas. Consider hosting a Christmas caravan or a neighborhood stroll to decorate the Christmas trees with glittering lights


  • Cookie party:

You can try to attend Christmas themed movie on the Christmas night to feel the festive vibes even in this pandemic. Add some popcorns and self-baked cookie, cake or pie!


  • Be a Santa:

Instead of hiring an old Santa from outside, dress up yourself as a Santa. Make your family members’ wish list. But gifts for them and drop the bag secretly at the doorsteps.

I’m sure no one is gonna miss 2020 when it’s gone. And hopefully, the new year will bring us  brighter days. So, this New Year plans should be epic and unique. If you’re ready to ring in the New Year’s bell, here’s how to start 2021 with safe celebrations!


  • Throw a Pyjama Party:

If you’re planning to stay up late you must be comfortable as far as possible – that’s why I’ll recommend a New Year’s Eve pyjama party. Ask your family members and friends to wear their most comfortable, most stylish and most festive pyjamas for the night. To make this party even more roaring; you can serve some hot chocolate with some light snacks; of course sitting in front of hot fireplace.


  • Leave the hands of Past:

A lot reasons add up for you to say goodbye to 2020,so why not take advantage of some good luck traditions which will help you lose the bad vibes. In China, people clean their houses before the New Year’s Eve. They do so in order to sweep out the bad luck and welcome in the good luck.

You can also try something like this. For example: you and your family members can write down the things you’re ready to let go off and toss them into the fire. You’ll surely take some positive vibes from this ;though this might sound illogical.


  • Plan a different New Year’s toast:

It’s COVID-19’s New Year, so make sure that you don’t share champagne or wine from the same glass; as most of the friends do.

To avoid this accident, inform the winemaker s before hand to have multi-serving bottles or cans . This will ensure a save New Year toast.

Spending the festive season at home will be difficult this year. You’ll miss visits from your near and dear ones, but you just focus on gratitude- the ones you love are happy and healthy. I’m sure you couldn’t ask for a better Christmas and New Year’s present than that!


Remember: The CDC recommends keeping indoor celebrations to just your household, or having a virtual celebrations if you want to see your family and friends. So, please party safely to start the new year with good health and broad smile – not corona virus!

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