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Bihar Election : NDA Strikes back!!


Bihar election turns out to very engrossing. All the eyes of the people of Bihar and other states were on the counting that lasted till midnight. The counting of votes took time but the party workers from all the party remained to their place with great faith and hope. The election was held in three phases to compete for 243 seats. The first phase was held on 28 October, 2020 for 71 seats. The second phase was held on 3 November, 2020 for 94 seats. The third phase was held on 7 November, 2020 for the remaining 78 seats.

The winning party BJP & JDU together as NDA(National Democratic Alliance) gets a total of 125 seats which is all that is necessary to get a majority in order to form the government. According to analysis wherever there was promotion of NDA from our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there was cast of 58% more votes in that place, hence giving a very tragic role in the bihar elections and leading to the triumph of NDA and made its way to make Nitish Kumar to be the CM of Bihar for next ruling session.

The RJD in Mahagathbandhan party led by Tejashwi competed in the Bihar Elections to become the new CM of Bihar, his party was also in alliance with Congress. RJD party won 110 seats in the election and was so close to triumph its victory. Though several had assumed that RJD led by Tejashwi would be the new CM of Bihar, it all perished by the victory of the National Democratic Alliance. However a new party has gained its place in the political society of Bihar, i.e, the VIP( Vikassheel Insaan Party) party led by Mukesh Sahni which gained NDA 4 seats and has confirmed a post of minister for  Mukesh Sahni  in the Assembly

Author:- Shyam Narayan Singh from team



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