About Us

A blogging organization operated and owned by a small group of students

Inverted mirror is a blogging website . This website deals with topics related to Lifestyle ,Employment for Youth
Politics ,news
Health , fitness and many more.
The basic idea of this blogging website is to create awareness about today’s modern world. The blogs here will have a reply to reader’s ‘why’ stating facts.

A blogger is not the one who writes well but he is the one who researches well

-- Vishnu Kant

Meet The Team

Rahul Singh

Founder and Co-owner

Vishnu Kant

Founder and C.E.O. [email protected]

Shivam Kumar


Deepti Khanna


Kriti Priya

News Blogger

Komal Kumari

Mental Health Blogger


Lifestyle Blogger

Sushil Rai

Marketing Head


Editor In Chief

Priyanka Raj

Lifestyle Blogger