About Us

A blogging company operated and owned by a small group of students

Inverted mirror is a blogging website . This website deals with topics related to Lifestyle ,Employment for Youth
Politics ,news
Health , fitness and many more.
The basic idea of this blogging website is to create awareness about today’s modern world. The blogs here will have a reply to reader’s ‘why’ stating facts.

A blogger is not the one who writes well but he is the one who researches well

-- Vishnu Kant

Meet The Team

Rahul Singh

Founder and Co-owner

Vishnu Kant



Political Blogger

Shyam Narayan Singh

News Blogger

Komal Kumari

Mental Health Blogger

Sakshi Thakur


Priyanka Raj

Lifestyle Blogger

Sushil Rai

Marketing Head

Shivam Kumar

S.E.O Expert


Lifestyle Blogger


Lifestyle Blogger