A Sworn Pledge

She gave him birth and knew no right
The brave mother gave up her flesh and blood in delight.

Brought him up with utmost care
In the age of toys , she taught him warfare.

Eventually the shyness and fear were lost.
He was now a soldier who roared in the frost.

Many a fights , he led and won.
Many a times , he shone brighter than the sun

One winter evening he returned to his camp.
The air outside was blur -the ground , damp.

Yes , the foes got it credited as a chance.
Oh this cowards later made merry and danced.

Here, they stabbed the backs of our brothers,
And there ,boasted bravery in front of others.

They had no blood to fight it in the field.
Hence , they got through by mean and crooked deal.

The brave martyr was wrapped in the tricolour.
The world and the folks had witnessed his valour.

Once again he lay in the lap of the woman
Who raised him and named him in the name of the nation.

She held his cold hands and caressed his forehead by the edge.
Tears rolled down her cheeks , as she had fulfilled her pledge.


Poem by Sambhavi from team

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