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Believe it or not, it is the worst feeling to get stuck in between our own choices that might when taken as a positive decision subsequently turn into the right opportunity. Many times you find yourself in someone else’s personality or you start relating to that person. That’s when fear comes into play when you are not what you are. You judge you act, you believe, you say, you become someone else’s voice just because you doubt your limits you are afraid to find the real you.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” The moment one conquers his/her fear is the beginning of wisdom.”One of the main reasons for the Fear that one inbuilt in itself of Failure is due to the surrounding they live in. Here are some of the main symptoms that you may show when you have a lot of fear issues:

  • You get conscious of your performance every time.
  • You might not be exactly aware of your competitors.
  • You want to give up easily.
  • Your fear of losing is higher than your fear of trying.
  • You too much care about the society and people observing you in your surroundings.
  • You hesitate to share your ideas.
  • You feel like giving up easily.

Well these are a very few issues that you might go through when you have the fear within you. There are a lot other symptoms that one might show and suddenly think of qutting as the only option to fear.  Foe example, Suppose you are not enjoying something you are doing and suddenly decide to stop or change your mind and switch to a different work . You might think after this that you will end up completely leaving the mess behind that you create on your own . But you do not end up the work ,you leave it unfinished  and that could happen due to many reasons making a major negative impact. Because when you do not finish something your learning will never be complete .

Let’s just give it a thought . Why does this happen ? Why do you get conscious so much ? Is there any harm to you ? Is your work risky ? Are you feeling shame on yourself ? Are you stuck with what people will think ? Will they judge you ? Do you find it embarrassing?

You would have come across the  above questions once in a lifetime for sure. Remember one thing all these are temporary . You are the master of your own soul . If these questions haunt you , you need to be very soon out of it . So here are some steps for you to get yourself out of this zone and not get stuck with these problems anymore :


1. Become more Goal-Oriented

To know what you exactly want and why is important. Shift your focus to that one specific goal you want to achieve in that particular time limit . If your inner fear does not set you free ask yourself a question What is that is keeping you away ? If you feel confused , plan out a way . Create  timetable  for yourself in order to get a structured plan .

2. Focus on one activity at a time

Don’t be in a hurry . Wait . Figure out then plan accordingly . Prioritize your areas of interest . Deselect your optional work . Become more focused towards one thing at a time . Use the time in a right manner  to become more productive.  Decide right and wrong for yourself not for others. Do not become “Jack of all trades, Master of none”.


3. Stop looking at others (Avoid Bad Vibes)

Intially its difficult but with time you get to know about your surroundings . People who judge you and don’t want the best for you will certainly let your fear of failure increase . Don’t surround yourself with people who discourage you . Look for a good and growing community . Develop your mind with the best people. Dream High. The words from people may cut like a knife and cause scars deep if they are from  very close family members too but you need to heal them with self motivation. Therefore dig into your own knowledge library and find the gem in you .



4. Self Competition is Necessary

Why to hold on to something when you know your capabilities? Become self competitive. Self-competition will only help you if you know yourself better every day and try improving your skills. Suppose you are not good at something you need to strengthen that part and become a hardcore learner to remove your weaknesses too.


5. Get your act together

Many a times making a proper strategy and having a good company won’t help . One has to be very passionate for it’s goal and the only choice should be reaching it anyway possible. With perseverance one can be passionate enough to run hand in hand to succeed.


6. Find An Idol of your own choice

We often find that whatever we are working for is not helping us on a bigger level . The best way to succeed faster is to find yourself an idol who u can look upto , try to adapt their habits and learn from them. An idol would have the best experiences of his/her journey to share with you which will help you build the correct path.


7. Stop Doubting Yourself

Despite the hurdles, you face you know it’s your journey alone. So don’t be afraid of trying by doubting yourself. Everyone has a completely different story to tell at the end.

Make your one beautiful. Remember in school we all repeated, “TRY AGAIN TRY AGAIN”. It actually works. Edison too didn’t know he would succeed after given a thousand attempts after which he invented the light bulb.  Become generous enough to give yourself a pat on the back for at least trying harder every time. You can watch this video if you have the fear of being judged.


Final Thought : Remember it takes courage to live your life the way you want , especially when you are changing the world . You are not here to impress people rather to express your views and ideas . You can be a game changer only when you are fearless and have perseverance in you . Hurdles come in every path make a way out of it . Quitting should never be an option to fear because it is not an option in itself . “Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophy.” So remember you can go though the worst and still get the best !!


With regards

Tanya from team

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