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10 ways to motivate yourself.

“Geez why do I feel so stuck right now.” “I feel so down and demotivated.” How many times have you wanted to do an assignment but did not ‘feel’ like doing it? This feeling of loss of inspiration is what we call the state of demotivation. Why do you think big firms organize seminars and lectures for their employees? All of this is done because these conglomerates know that one of the most important keys of building a big business and staying at the top is by staying motivated or at the very least getting it back if their workers have lost it. Individuals, especially the young generation needs motivation the most because honestly, everybody knows that this particular age group is the most burdened. Be it doing good at studies, getting through a competitive examination or getting a job every young man or woman has one of these things in mind and what is required for all of this is MOTIVATION. So, let me introduce to you the 10 ways to motivate yourself. Without further ado let’s get started lovelies.

1.Crush negative thoughts under your sole:


How many times have you thought after failing at something or getting rejected that you are not good enough or worthy enough? This is what negative thinking is, it is just the deception of your mind. Negative thinking is the typical reaction of the mind in times of distress. These thoughts drive you away from your goals making you sulk for hours, days, months or even years! The best thing you can do is to crush these negativities even before they arise in your head by preparing yourself for the worst case scenario then no matter what happens you will be happy.

If it helps you, you can even make a mantra and chant it each time you feel down. Just know that it is alright to make mistakes and fail. You are not perfect, I am not perfect, damn even the people who reject you and shun you are not perfect! Just know that you are the master of yourself and you can divert the course of your life in the positive direction whenever you wish.

2.Change your environment:

Sometimes being at a particular place for a long time causes us boredom. Even one of the most important reasons of feeling unmotivated is that you are stuck in the same ambient. Go outside, get some fresh air, visit places that you don’t always go to. Even great writers may lose their inspiration and once it is lost, it takes a long time to get it back. Most of these writers suggest changing the environment to feel motivated again. Once William Wordsworth was walking with his sister and all of a sudden he came upon a host of daffodils along a pond. This scene inspired him so much that he wrote a poem “The Daffodils”. You never know when you stumble upon something that may motivate you. It may be just outside the window of your room all you need to do is look.

 3.Be around passionate people who make you feel good:

I know when I am feeling down or unmotivated for no reason whatsoever I must pull myself out of it or else I will only be digging my own grave. So, what can you do to pull yourself out of it?  The most basic thing you can do is meet people who make you feel good. Trust me when you meet people who are making things happen, you will automatically feel boosted.

If you feel that the people around you don’t make you feel good or are always making fun of you or don’t appreciate your talents, be aware that these are the warning signs that you  MUST change your company because trust me I have been there and if you don’t distance yourself from these people you will not only lose your motivation but also your confidence. Hence, recognize the red signals before it is too late.

4.Obsess over your goals:

How many times have you made New Year’s resolution and then you just don’t do it as if you haven’t promised yourself anything? But remember when you decide your goal you must stick to it. No matter what you are going through you must never forget about it. Everyday, at the end of the day when you are under your blanket, just think what you have done that day that has made you near or has distanced you from your goals and what you cand do to amend it.

Be a daydreamer. Just imagine how good it would feel when you will fulfil your dreams, how delighted your parents and other loved ones will be. When you start doing it, you will see that whatever you have been pouring in your work is worth it. You will be satisfied with yourself.



How many times have you told yourself that you will complete your assignment or complete some other work next day because you don’t feel motivated at the moment. You lack commitment dear. When you are committed to doing something, no matter what you will feel driven and complete that particular job in time. When I am given a lot of time to write a blog I don’t commit to doing it as soon as possible because what goes in my mind is, “Come on, I have got a lot of time to do it I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then I end up cursing myself at the last moment. Hence, if you commit yourself to doing something you will feel uplifted and you will end up completing you work before schedule. You will feel more motivated and driven.

6.Take baby steps:

It happens with everyone that all of a sudden you feel so pumped up that you feel you will do everything that particular day no matter what happens. But this kind of motivation is just a façade, an illusion created by your mind. It is so short lived that you at the end of the day you feel exhausted and forget your goals and commitments the very next day and regain your lethargic schedule. On the first day of your fitness training you are so motivated that you decide that you will be working so hard that you will get a chiselled body same as Big Ramy. But how long does this “motivation” last? In less than a week it is gone with the wind. Poof ………not there anymore.

The best thing you can do for a consistent motivation is to take baby steps. You cannot do everything in a single day but make goals for each day and commit to doing it. Start with doing small things every day and you will find that you are being able to do big things in no time. Just remember that the road to success starts with just a single step.

7.Take a break once in a while because you deserve it:

The only way we can be consistent in our work is if we take a break once in awhile to refresh ourselves. How long can you go on working? You need to rest for a while. Take a trip, go on a vacation or at least take a day off. You cannot go on working without a break, after all we are only humans not machines.

The moment you feel like you can’t take a break that is exactly the right time to shut your work and chill on Netflix. Of course, commitment is very important and completing your daily goals are a must but you can’t do it at the cost of losing your motivation, can you? Make sure you are properly rested. But if you are on a break for two years due to not being motivated then that’s not good either. There must be a balance between labour and serenity. Only then you can remain motivated for a long time and you won’t feel stressed.


8.Remember that you have got only a finite time on this planet:


No other motivator is more powerful than death. You might be doing things that are not worth the candle but think that you are actually accomplishing things. But trust me you will only be spinning in circles.

Knowing that you only have a finite time on this Earth can help you keep motivated. You must realize that everything you are doing is defining your legacy. Nobody, wants to be remembered for their bad deeds. All of us wish for the world to remember us for our achievements. Each time you tell yourself that you will do some particular thing tomorrow, acknowledge that you might not be alive tomorrow. You have only got today. By keeping in mind this small but crucial thing will help you to get back the motivation that you have lost.


9. celebrate the small wins in your life:

The little wins may seem just that – little. But each little success that you get in your life is worth celebrating. Completing an exercise in Mathematics may seem very little, you might think that it is nothing worth celebrating. Of course, it is not as big as scoring full marks in Mathematics exam but keep in mind that this small exercise will help you score some marks in the exam. It is better than nothing, isn’t it?

Take these small wins as a small step towards your goal. Instead of turning a blind eye towards them, celebrate them! Obviously, you needn’t throw a party over these small wins. Just rant about it to you best friend or girlfriend/ boyfriend or cook a large bowl of maggi and watch your favourite movie. These little things will help you to keep yourself motivated for a long time.

10.Listen to or read some positive, uplifting stories:

Often when I feel unmotivated, and trust me I get demotivated a lot of times, I just open my laptop and read an autobiography or read some success story. Sometimes doing this might be difficult too. What you can do then  is to listen to some rock music (not sad music mind you) or even better listen to some audio book. Trust me this will help you a lot. It is a tried and tested method of mine. I know when you are demotivated you will not feel like doing it. The hardest part is to start or hit play but once you have done it you are good to go mate.



Hopefully, these points will be helpful to your unmotivated self. And why did I write only 10 ways to motivate yourself because I am too demotivated to write 11 after all I am only human. So, I am going to go meet up with my friends and forget myself for an hour or two. Let’s hope I regain my motivation soon and update you with a new blog. By then adiòs amigos!

Author:- Sabnam from team

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