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10 ways to change your bad mood.

If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit!!

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Bad moods and bad days happen. A tiring 9-5 job, a lost golden watch, stepping on muddy water on the way to a party- you know, these shits happen. Life sometimes sucks. No matter how positive we try to be, we all get into bad moods. At times you’ll feel what you don’t want to feel and that’s quite normal. What’s needed is to identify negative feelings and quickly work on the same in order to improve your state of mind. The best way to improve one’s mood varies from individual to individual, but following the suggested 10 methods can help you find what works right for you! (Thank me later!!)

So, you’re having a bad day?…

  • Chance the story in your head

    : A very learned man once said, “ It’s all in your head! “ So, why not follow it up! Sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, it’s pleasing for you to cling to a story where you’re a victim and you justify the story strongly. How do you justify it? By repeating the same story time and again. This, instead of pleasing you, creates a mess. What you need to do is, visualize yourself by closing the same topic that’s running within your mind and take in a new/fresh thought. Start telling yourself a different story, a story where you’re no longer a victim, a story where you know how to accept the situation and move on, a story where you’re powerful. This is going to help you, for sure, to get rid of the bad trauma / bad mood.

  • Find a pleasant distraction:

    You know ‘distraction’ is one of the best ways to boost your mood. By pleasant distractions, I mean the activities that make you happy. Be it shopping, chit-chatting with a funny friend of yours, eating a yummy cake(which is a yes in my case), remembering a funny moment in your past, reading funny articles (comic books), etc. You will completely forget that you were ever in a bad mood, cause, the level of dopamine cancels out the tension. Try it now.

  • Rush towards the ‘to-do-list’

    : Bad mood is just a state of a disturbed mind. If you’re successful at bluffing your mind, you can easily partake the same. Suppose you’re in a bad mood, get some of your pending tasks done. I’m sure you all must be postponing physical/manual tasks for tomorrow. Stop here! It’s the right time to complete those tasks. Evaluate your ‘to-do-list’ and see if there are one or more items that could be completed quickly. Complete them and cross off those items from the list. The satisfaction this is going to give you gradually makes you feel better about yourself. And thus, you are filled with the strength to deal with a larger hurdle.

  • Do not layer extra suffering onto your pain

    : I’m going to present you a warning, and you must take it seriously because we together are onto a journey of getting rid of a bad mood.

Now, stuff happened that puts you in a bad mood. And then you let your thoughts intensify that very experience. For example, you start thinking – “ I’m always bad luck “, or, “ There’s no one to take care of me “.

Catch if you’re having these types of thoughts. Put a full stop then and there. And strip your thinking back to what actually happened. Develop your self talk something like this – “ I had bad luck today, it’s ok, tomorrow will be better “, or, “ It’s not a big deal if no one is around for me, I’ll take self-care “.

Believe me, you will feel better and a lot calmer. So, keep self -talks healthy especially during a chaos/ mood swing.


  • Expose yourself to green:

    “ Green symbolizes happiness “, – color psychologist. The green color can create a feeling of joy and happiness. Get yourself surrounded by a green T-shirt, pick p a green pen, go to the garden and plant a green sapling or walk into a farm. It’s possible your mood will be over the rainbow.


  • Be real:

    Half of the problem is solved when you get out of yourself and speak up. Do not keep things to yourself. It’s completely fine to cry out or scream. You’re entitled to feel the full range of emotions; be it sad or happy, and express what’s in your mind when you need to. Don’t worry about people judging you or your behavior. A real well-wisher will for sure ask what’s wrong with you, be honest. Your response must be something like this – “ I’ve had a hopeless day, I feel low but I’m sure enough I’ll feel better in time! “


  • Think it out:

    “ How you think is the parent of how you feel! “ Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, the hunter for what you learned from the same, what’s in your hand that you can do to make your moments better.

In a bad mood, you can actually control these aspects and you need to :

  • How honest you are about your feelings and emotions.
  • Are you motivate or courageous enough to take responsibility for your mood or just pass on the blame to others.
  • Whether you can cling to pain or let go and make yourself feel calm.


You know and I believe that there are certain feelings you can not avoid in a bad mood, but at least you do not have or need to exacerbate them with a negative thought. Stop that if you have been doing it so far!


  • Unplug from social media for a time being:

    Studies have shown that moods expressed in social media can be contagious than helpful. You never know what’s there out on social media. And during a bad mood, you read your friend’s negative status. It’s surely going to affect your mood more than you realize. Also, your mind, in such situations, tends to compare your own life to some stranger’s life over social sites. You view their posts, analyze them and let your self-esteem be affected negatively. Do not commit this mistake. Everyone is facing an unknown battle in his/her life. You can’t compare yourself with anyone and every one by just knowing one side of the coin. So, what’s better is to disconnect yourself from social media. Instead, utilize the time in meditating, waking, listening ti music/ podcasts, or simply taking a short nap.


  • Complete this sentence – “ I’ll feel better when I… “ :

A smile can’t be guaranteed all the time, but everyone has something that’s guaranteed to put a smile upon.

Cuddling with your pets, swimming, dancing, self-treating, playing video games, writing a journal, eating dark chocolate may be and many more such ideas can make you smile.

I know reading always enhances my mood. I also know when I feel sad or low I’m less motivated to read a book. But, it helps to put a self- remainder that if I push through my discomfort, it’ll be worth in the end. After all, reading always helps, at least a little.


  • Repeat

    : I’ve suggested 9 possible ways to deal with mood swings. But you know what, sometimes situations are stubborn. You might try out all the 9 points, yet, your mood might not improve. Now what? It’s a battle of wills: your say of ‘I’ll against your negative emotions!!

Repeat this to yourself: “I feel low, I have the courage to accept it. I know I would not always feel low, things will get better. I’ll work on it as soon as I’m ready. “

These simple affirmations will for sure motivate you and you will in course of time let them go.

What are your ways to deal with a bad mood? Let me know, in case I’m in a bad mood!! I’ll surely follow them up. Furthermore, show yourself love not hatred. You’re in a bad mood today, you’ll be in a better mood tomorrow. Learn few steps to practice self-love.

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Author:- Komal Kumari from team

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