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Hasn’t 2020 been one of the worst nightmares to all of us? It has given us the feeling of acceptance of whatever we have can be limited and we need to enjoy it anyway. The most important factor that severely affected each one of us is COVID’19. It has been so intimidating that we actually forgot the idea of stepping out of our houses. Everything was just put on complete hold ever since the pandemic had dawned on us. However the dry run for the vaccines have already started in India and the recovery rate is also getting better day by day, the vaccines are supposed to be given to crores of people all over the globe in the coming days.


So it’s high time we prepare ourselves back for some adventure. Yes you got it right “TRAVEL”. We can honestly say that there has not been a single moment that during the pandemic ‘TRAVEL’ was not on our mind. Does this mean we can start traveling anyway we want to that we did before the pandemic? Wait! The guidelines have completely changed if you want to travel anywhere in the world.


All of us today have accepted the “new normal” which is to put on masks and sanitizers every now and then carrying safety in our own hands. #socialdistancing is expected to be maintained to limit opportunities of coming in contact with contaminated surfaces and infected people outside the home.  So if you are planning a leisure vacation very soon here are some of the most important things you must not forget to carry with you.


1. Face Masks & Gloves

Starting with the most mandatory one is the face masks that in no way can be left . Inspite of carrying one or two face mask it would be better to carry some extra cloth made masks . One never knows when can it be required so better to keep many. N95 and Reusable masks can also be taken depending on the comfort and preferable.  Masks act as a very strong barrier for the virus and the bacteria entering our mouth.

You can buy cloth face masks from Etsy. Checkout their site as they use the best fabric with colourful prints and beautiful embroidery on it that you would love to wear  .

2. Hand gloves and Face Shields

Some people think that mask is sufficient enough to protect and these are optional but hand gloves and face shields are the additional important things which will provide double protection to both our hands and eyes. We have adapted the “new normal” but while travelling we come into contact with different things we are even unaware of . So in order to have a safe vacation these two are also a must.

3. Pocket Sized Sanitizer & Disinfectant Wipes

If you aim to stay healthy no matter where you are travelling to disinfectant wipes and pocket hand sanitizer will keep you away from encountering with bacteria and new microbes. Easy to carry and use both of these are needed especially while flying from one place to the other .

Disinfectant wipes can be used to clean various surfaces that a person might touch . For example , the seat that one is supposed to have, the places that arm rests and the where the hands are placed must be cleaned with the wipes. While travelling long hours are spend on travel by road too . Therefore the tourist bus that one takes or the rental car , make sure everything is clean . Wipes make the seat belts , steering wheel and all other parts cleaning easier .

4. Water Bottle & Packed food

Keeping yourself clean and eating healthy is the ultimate truth to being disease free. It applies every time. Even before covid we used to carry food and water mainly while we were off to different places, but now it is a must because to maintain our hygiene we need stay away from germs also the virus. One should carry the home cooked food or the snacks packed properly to avoid contamination issues.

The one thing that would again be added to the new normal is Hot water bottles . It will help throughout the journey. One should prefer drinking lukewarm water to be on the safer side and at least do gargling once a day . This will help germs not settle inside and even if it does enter through the air particles will be wiped out setting you free from any infection.

You can buy vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles to store hot water for long hours.


5. Essential Gadgets

In this digital era can anyone think of travelling without gadgets ? Gadgets are the most important source for communication and entertainment today. If you want to stay connected to your loved ones  make sure to carry your phone, charger, laptop ,earpods and whatever is your need . Make sure to have apps on your phone like G-pay, phone pay , pay tm for digital payements . Avoid using cash and use more digital method for paying at places to not come in contact with the virus . You can also keep debit and credit cards for the stores that won’t accept digital payements. Have Aarogya setu app on your phone and keep checking it every now and then to keep yourself updated with the percentage of risk around you and get a clear picture of your environment to keep yourself safe . Also, it will keep you connected with your loved ones during this tough time.

6. Towel & Handkerchief

These things are very common while planning a trip but we often forget to take it. Just a point to note that post covid extra care should be taken of these things during flying , stay in hotel or checkout but a reminder to all would be self care is the best care . Avoid using these even if washed and given to you . Carry your own spare towel and Handkerchief wherever you go. Handies are the best cleaning cloth. They are compact and light weight and keep you dry from sweat. They even work at places where paper towels don’t. It is also recommended to carry spare clothes if you are going to stay for few days then you can keep yourself hygienic by changing clothes regularly and avoid wearing dirty clothes.


7. Make-Up Kit

Yes, Wash your hands but what about your makeup?“Honestly, people don’t realize how much bacteria is in their brushes, let alone on their hands,”. Having your own make up is advisable during this time  . Beauty essentials especially one’s lipstick, eye makeup, Facial Cleaning Tissue and sponges, razors, makeup brushes  and combs should be avoided from sharing .


Men’s grooming kit containing trimmer, deodorant and hand comb should not be shared .A good travel grooming kit will help you look absolutely stunning all the time . Make sure you have it of a good brand and do not share it with anyone . Keep in mind to avoid sharing any personal items be it makeup or otherwise and always wash or sanitise the hands before doing any kind of beauty regimen to prevent the spreading of deadly infections.


8. Identity Proof & Documents

Whether one is traveling in India or abroad the wallet should have these things. You should have your Aadhar card and Pan card for sure. Apart from cards your passport is a must . Do carry a print of your boarding pass too just in case there is some sudden problem with your flight or bags.  If traveling internationally, photocopy your passport, carry a couple of extra passport photos, and keep them separate from the original. If you will be traveling the first time do keep it as the guidelines and the rules at the airport or the Indian railways keeps on changing. It is also advised to keep a photograph of these documents. You never know when you will need any of these.


9. First- Aid Box

How many of us are not planning a trip due to the fear of falling sick on the way? If you fall sick it will just mess up the entire journey so better to have precautions. First Aid Kit is a very small kit yet very helpful. It can accommodate the required medications when needed on a journey. A small cut on the body can also spoil the trip and end it up finally. So certain measures and small efforts should be taken to enjoy till your heart demands. An aid box would contain a thermometer, antiseptics, bandages, anti-bacterial creams, tablets, pain relief, wipes, tweezers, etc.


  • Miscellaneous

This is the section where you can add on things that may help in your trip. Do not forget to carry the best capturing gadget your camera with you. Have a beautiful pair of sunglasses. They are not just a fashion accessory; they help protect your eyes so bring them along on any trip. Buy the best traveling sunglasses of any type at the most reasonable price from Lenskart.  Carry an extra flat slipper or an extra pair of shoes with you. You can have a torch or maybe a headlamp too. You can have an extra pair of Luggage locks just in case you can use them when required. A bathing suit can be added if you are heading onto a beach and an umbrella may be or any rain wear would probably help. A book is the best companion when you are on a solo trip. Get the best book for the trip of your own choice.

Conclusion: So yes if you are done with these pack your bags and gear up for an amazing trip with friends and family. If you are planning for a solo trip then also these things are self-sufficient and satisfying. Ensure that you follow all the necessary precautions and carry the above travel essentials to prevent Coronavirus infection. Choosing a private vehicle over public transport may be advisable. Also, keep yourself updated about the latest guidelines issued by the government on air/train/bus travel during this time. Stay happy Stay safe !!

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